Saturday, 12 September 2015

Prank 1- Make your friend's android phones screen go crazy

Its always a enjoyment while making prank with your friends or family member. here present a prank with which you can play with your friends, girlfriend or wife with the use of their old or new android or smart-phones. Here is a simple trick you can implement on android phone in just a few minute to create a practical joke. This trick will make the phone screen go crazy by fluctuating its color on every touch. You can use this prank with your friends , your girlfriend, your wife, your boss or colleagues, co-workers or relatives as you like. After this prank you can also restore the android mobile phones screen as it was before and can earn lots of respect and goodwill. To know much more tricks, visit- . WATCH THIS VIDEO TO KNOW TO IMPLENT THIS TRICK

Simple steps that are to be followed -

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on Delevopers Options
  3. Then proceed to Surface Updates , click on it
  4. Now Prank is ready, Hand over phone to your friend
To UNDO , repeat all the steps again. Now your screen will become as it is before. And if you are not able to find developers option then feel free to contact us. As how to reach developers option.